Dynamic Movement Training for the Low Back & Pelvis

  • Section 1


  • Section 2

    Background Information

  • Section 3

    Paradigms & Philosophy

  • Section 4

    Lab #1: Lumbo-Pelvic AP (1st)

  • Section 5

    Lab #2: Lumbo-Pelvic Rotation (1st)

  • Section 6

    Lumbo-Thoracic Relationships

  • Section 7

    Lab #4: Lumbo-Pelvic AP (2nd)

  • Section 8

    Lab #5: Lumbo-Pelvic Rotation (2nd)

  • Section 9

    Conversation Starters

  • Section 10

    Lab #7: Movement Practice Material

  • Section 11

    Lab #8: Research, Pelvic Floor & Core Faciliation

  • Course Completion

    Course Evaluation

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Gordon Browne

Gordon Browne is a Physical Therapist with 25+ years of clinical experience in outpatient orthopedics and manual therapy. With a lifelong passion for movement, he has modified and medically articulated the clinical use of various integrated movement systems; the Feldenkrais Method®, Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. Lecturer for 15+ years and author of two books; “A Manual Therapist’s Guide to Movement” and “Outsmarting Low Back Pain”.